The Nehemiah Project is an outreach ministry of Maranatha Chapel that supports and endorses a group of non-profit organizations dedicated to helping and blessing Israel and her neighbors.

Our desire is to help restore Jews to their homeland and build up Israel by offering tangible assistance, spiritual support, and friendship to all those living in Israel, without regard to cultural or religious heritage.

We believe that we are personally invited by the Lord to “step into the story” of God’s people. Especially when we read verses like Isaiah 49:22: “See, I will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.”

We encourage you to LEARN, PRAY, GIVE, and GO. Checkout our website, and LEARN about the organizations we support and why. Then PRAY for Israel and how you can “step into the story” of God’s chosen people!

One hundred percent of all donations made through the Nehemiah Project will be distributed to these organizations as needed or forwarded to the specific organization designated.

For more information, please contact Sherry Ciccone.


God called Nehemiah. His assignment? To rebuild Jerusalem's Ancient City Walls. many hands contributed. Different skills were needed. Opposition arose–but so did the walls. God restored Jerusalem. And God blessed those who joined Him in his work.


Just as God called Nehemiah to help restore the ancient walls of Jerusalem, God has invited Gentiles to join Him in fulfilling His good promises and plans for Israel.


Ariel, a modern city located in the region of ancient Samaria, has had an ongoing connection with Maranatha Chapel for over a decade. Pastor Ray Bentley and Ron Nachman (former Mayor of Ariel) developed a unique friendship that has allowed the church to build bridges of understanding, friendship, and faith with the people of this community. Because of this relationship, Maranatha Chapel is an American Friend of Ariel and we include this organization as a part of THE NEHEMIAH PROJECT.

Through American Friends of Ariel, Maranatha helped build Ariel’s state-ofthe-art Radio Communications Center, and the National Youth Leadership Development Park.The communications center services the community of Ariel as a remote communications hub broadcasting educational content and also informs the residents of specific procedure in the event of a local or national emergency.

Ron Nachman partnered with Maranatha and other American friends, to build the National Youth Leadership Development Park. There, youth participate in a program which incorporates spiritual disciplines with physical challenges—encouraging them to look to the Scriptures for true leadership values. We encourage you to partner with us in support of American Friends of Ariel through the Nehemiah Project. To donate click on Donate button, select method of payment, then choose Nehemiah Project.

Seeds of Hope, Inc., a humanitarian NGO developed by Tass and Karen Saada, is the catalyst for the practical application of their faith. Due to the continuing conflict in the Middle East, Hope for Ishmael, through Seeds of Hope, plants new vision in the lives of individuals and families in the war torn area of Israel and the West Bank. Through education, economic development, humanitarian aid, and cultural exchange programs, lives are changed by providing a hopeful alternative to destruction and despair.

Through the dedication of volunteers and staff the Israeli and Palestinian people witness the love of God in relationship and commerce.

Because of the Jewish/Islamic influences in the area, the goal is to encourage the local church, Muslim converts, and Jewish believers to reach their unsaved neighbors. The church is highly oppressed in this area and lives day to day with the goal of survival. By partnering with and building up each person in their everyday life and their spiritual walk, bold believers are cultivated and ready to stand for truth and share their faith with their community. Reducing the poverty of the area brings peace, as hope for a better future grows.

We encourage you to partner with us in support of Hope for Ishmael through the Nehemiah Project. To donate click on Donate button, select method of payment, then choose Nehemiah Project.


For centuries, God’s chosen people have been scattered throughout the world and have faced persecution and hatred. In 1948, when the State of Israel was established, it opened its doors to all Jewish people—inviting them to settle in the land and offering them immediate citizenship through a relocation process called Aliyah meaning to “ascend.”

The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) has played an important role in helping these Jewish families (more than 3 million people), make the move from Russia, France, Argentina, Ethiopia, Iraq, Germany, Turkey, Yemen, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and America where they had lived for generations.

Maranatha Chapel supports JAFI’s immigration programs and is glad to play a part in helping future generations of Jewish people grow in love with their God and The Land.

We encourage you to partner with us in support of Jewish Agency for Israel through the Nehemiah Project. To donate , click Donate and choose Nehemiah Project.

In a region besieged by war, violence, and hardship, the needs are great. The Joshua Fund and Operation Epicenter, founded by Joel Rosenberg, address these needs by providing food, clothing, medical assistance, and relief supplies to Israel and her neighbors.

Working with business people, religious leaders, local, national, and international officials, the ministry brings the love of God in the name of Jesus to the Israelis, Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis and others who are suffering.

On trips to Israel, The Maranatha teens have volunteered in The Joshua Fund warehouse and distribution centers, where they filled care packages with flour, rice, beans, corn, tuna, cooking oil, honey, paper towels and diapers; prayed for the Lord to bless each of the recipients of those supplies; and then actually delivered the packages to the needy.

We encourage you to partner with us in support of The Joshua Fund through the Nehemiah Project. To donate go to click Donate, select method of payment, and choose Nehemiah Project.

Since 1949, Nazareth Baptist School (NBS), located in the hometown of Jesus Christ, has been providing a strong Christian presence in an area populated mostly by Muslims and Jews. NBS openly acknowledges its evangelical beliefs and is the only school in Israel that requires attendance in Bible classes and chapel regardless of the student’s background or religion. Because of its national and international reputation for academic excellence, NBS draws students from non-Christian families . Currently more than 20% of its 1000 students [grades K-12] come from Muslim homes.

We support and pray for NBS’s continued evangelical influence on the young people of the community. We encourage you to partner with us in support of The Nazareth Baptist School through the Nehemiah Project. Click Donate, select method of payment, and choose Nehemiah Project.